St. John the Baptist Catholic School, or SJB, is a TK through 8th grade private school located in Costa Mesa, California with robust academic programs.

In the noble tradition of Catholic education, with Christ as teacher and guide in pursuit of knowledge and Truth, St. John the Baptist Catholic School prepares the way for students to embrace the fullness of God’s love in this world and in Heaven.

In the great tradition of Catholic education, St. John's strives to bring its students to the point where they desire learning so much that they experience a life-long passion for the pursuit of knowledge and truth."
St. John the Baptist Catholic School


St. John the Baptist School was opened in 1959 as a parish school of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and staffed by the Sisters of Mercy. This congregation, founded by the Venerable Catherine McAuley, was established to serve the poor and provide a quality Catholic education for children.

Sister Dolores served as the founding principal from 1959 until 1969, followed by Sister Annunciata leading the school from 1969 until 1975. Serving as principal, Sister Mary Vianney Ennis continued the great leadership of her predecessors. She dedicated herself to enhance the quality of St. John's Catholic education until her retirement in 2015.

In 1976 the Diocese of Orange was erected by Blessed Pope Paul VI, and consequently the school came under the jurisdiction of the diocese. In 2002 the Norbertine Fathers from St. Michael's Abbey in Silverado began to administer to the parish of St. John the Baptist. The Norbertine Order was founded in 1121 by St. Norbert of Xanten and has been educating youth for about nine centuries. The charism of the Mercy Sisters regarding education and the Norbertine Fathers' close involvement in the school ensured the continuation of the school's long tradition of faith and academic excellence.

In 2015, after 40 years as principal, Sister Vianney retired and returned back to her native land of Ireland. Mrs. Paula Viles, previously the vice-principal, became the current principal of St. John's. Together with the school's rector, Fr. Damien Giap, she is continuing the rich tradition of faith and academic excellence begun with the Mercy Sisters.